Saturday, July 08, 2006

Time flies!

Three months since I posted! THAT doesn't seem quite right. But I have been subsisting on frozen pizzas and steamed veg, so I haven't felt like my membership in the food blog world was up-to-date.

Why the hiatus? I dunno. Lazy. I live by myself, cook for myself...not that inspiring.

I do have a discovery, completely by accident - cherry tomato raisins!

This requires tiny cherry tomatoes (I used the yellow ones), a hot place, and a ventilated surface.

I had some little yellow cherry tomatoes sitting in a colander in a single layer in my kitchen, which gets very hot in the afternoons. After a few days, I noticed some beginning to shrivel and was about to throw them out when I thought "What the heck?" and stuck one in my mouth.

Pure sweet concentrated tomato heaven. Kind of like sun dried tomatoes, only a little softer and sweeter.

Give it a try. I would post a photo but Mr. Snackish is busy taking guitar pictures, so I don't have the camera today.