Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Faves and Pans

I hope your Thanksgiving went well. Mine was a bit odd - no traditional feast. That is okay, because here is my family's usual menu:

Turkey (I'm a vegetarian)
Stuffing with raisins in it (why, God, why?)
Canned julienned green beans with canned cream of mushroom soup and Durkee canned onions (what did green beans ever do to my mom to deserve this?)
Mashed potatoes. I am okay with this.
Sweet potatoes from a can (I am not okay with this)
Brown and serve rolls (all right, I'll give you that).
Canned cranberry sauce with the little can lines in (ditto)
Jello ribbon salad - a layer of green, a layer of yellow mixed with mayo and canned pineapple (no, I am not making this up) and a layer of red. Pretty. But no.
Pumpkin pie from frozen (ick)
Apple pie from frozen (I am not a big pie fan)

Sorry to sound like a food snob, but let's face it, I am. If I lived in something larger than 500 square feet, I would invite people over here.

I wonder what next year will bring.