Sunday, September 25, 2005

The dish was good. The dishes were horrible.

Ancho Chiles Stuffed with Potatoes, Cheese and Chorizo

How tough can cooking a dish with five ingredients be? That was the thought in my head when I read this month's Gourmet magazine "Five Ingredients" feature.

The five ingredients are: ancho chiles, potatoes, chorizo (soy chorizo, obviously in my case) cheese and tomatoes. The idea is that you soak dried chiles and stuff them with a variety of stuff, bake them with a sauce. Simple, non? Non! This recipe messed with my kitchen and messed with my day off. It did, however, have the virtue of tasting fabulous.

Let me give a dish count:
Bowl for soaking chiles
Plate for weighting chiles in the water
Cutting board for seeding chiles
Bowl to hold chiles
Baking sheet to toast chile seeds on
Pan to boil potatoes
Strainer to drain potatoes and rinse to stop cooking process
Measuring cup
Bowl to mix chiles, chorizo and cheese
Blender for making tomato sauce
Pan to reduce tomato sauce
Baking pan for assembled dish

5 ingredients, 2 pans, 2 baking pans, blender, spice grinder, 2 bowls, a strainer and a cutting board! Is there anything we forgot to get messy?

The dish was good, spicy and rich. But I am exhausted and there is still a pile of dishes in the kitchen. Next time I will make yet another quesadilla with some nice salsa and save a dish this complicated for a party, when I can at least impress someone other than just Greg & myself.

Chiles soaking (not something from CSI)


cutie said...

I'm sure that the dish tasted delicious, but the picture reminds me of something off of CSI.



the serrach said...

man... sounds like a pain, but i LOVE soyrizo. i have a recipe for soyrizo with polenta cakes.. will send it on if you want it.

Alysha said...

I hate it when a recipe uses so many dishes! Glad it was good, though - at least that makes the mess more worthwhile.

Jay Rogers said...

but where's the recipe?