Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cara Cara, the pink orange

These Cara Cara oranges are beginning to appear at Farmer's Markets here in Southern California. They are sweeter and less citrusy than other oranges, and their flesh can range from a medium to a dark reddish orange. I'm not a big fan of regular oranges, but I love these.

Melissa's Produce has the whole scoop on where they came from, how to pick a good one, and nutritional values.


Rachel Cook said...

They have such a great color. I am about to start cooking classes...a great blog for me to discover all that is cooking. I am going to blogher, may see you there :) Thanks for stopping by time4mom

Oh, The Joys said...

I just ate one an hour ago.

jenjen said...

these oranges look amazing, I wish they were available here in Australia as I am often turned off by the extreme tartness of some of the oranges here.
Can you bake with these?

Piet said...

These look so good!