Friday, February 01, 2008

Dry Soda

My very favorite new product from the NASFT Fancy Food Show in San Diego a couple weeks ago was Dry Soda.

Not only did they have one of the most stylish booths, their product rocked my tastebuds like a hurricane.

Let me state for the record: I want to have a long-term, meaningful relationship with Dry Soda. I want to have a Dry Soda fountain in my house. I want to have a Dry Soda megachurch with 5,000 members.

Did I mention that I never drink soda? If ever ordered a soda when out with friends, all conversation at the table would stop.

But this is different...better.

It is "lightly sweetened." About 50 calories a pop, instead of 120 for your average carbonated beverage. In other words, it isn't like drinking candy.

The flavors are different, too - kumquat, lavender, lemongrass, rhubarb. Did I hear you making gagging sounds? Shut up! They're GOOD. Well, I didn't try the lavender because I have a strong aversion to All Things Lavender, but the other flavors made my mouth very, very happy.

It is available at BevMo, but I am going to start nagging more places around here to carry it because it is such a delightful, adult-style beverage.

Added bonus: their packaging rocks, too.


Mrs. G. said...

Personally, I don't think there are enough "lightly sweetened" fizzy drinks on the market.

Laurie Colwin was one of my favorite writers of everything. She died much too young.

mar said...

i love all things rhubarb.
(and also avoid all things lavender)