Saturday, June 11, 2005

The tasty white Gaya melon

Not as sweet as a honeydew; not as melony as a canteloupe; not as mushy as a Crenshaw.

The Gaya melon is small, white on the outside flecked with a few green splashes, white and fairly firm inside.

It makes a good background fruit for a fruit salad with raspberries and blueberries. The colors look beautiful together.

The only slightly annoying thing is that the outside and inside are the same color, so when you trim off the rind, it is hard to see where you have missed spots.


Mika said...

hmm never seen this one. Is it an Asian fruit?

Suebob said...

Hi Mika,

I found it at Whole Foods. The only online sources I can find about it say it is imported from Japan. This is only 99 cents a pound, so I doubt it is grown there.

Bill_SouthernCal said...

Whole Foods here in Southern CA carries that and several other specialty melons such as Galia, Peil De Sapo, Santa Claus, Sharlyn, and occasionally others. IMO Galia is the best tasting and most aromatic of this group. 99 Ranch Market chain, an Asian specialty store, was probably the first to carry it because I've seen it there for several years. The produce guy told me he thought these melons were grown in Mexico or Central America, though they are of Japanese origin.