Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another one off the list

Butternut squash and radicchio pizza, Local Cafe
This was not the pizza. This is really good butternut squash pizza.

I go out to lunch on Mondays when I am in the office because I am too lazy to take my lunch. I try to go different places and see what is out there. Culinary adventure. I'm a real Indiana Jones that way.

I checked Yelp and found a pizza place I hadn't been. I found the little place hidden in a non-descript strip mall back off the street. A crap location to be sure.

I was the only customer. I figured Monday lunch, a little late, in a crap location. Ok.

I ordered my food and got an iceberg lettuce salad topped with a those pink unripe tomato slices and a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese. Not so good.

But here's the really bad thing. The old dude that ran the place came over, saw I was reading the newspaper, and began shoving the newspaper aside in an irritated fashion as if he were pissed that I was reading the paper where he needed to sit his salad. I picked up the paper and moved it out of the way. Started eating salad and reading the newspaper again.

Back he came with the pizza plate holder thing and the pizza plate. He again harumphed around as if I were messing with his game. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to have a nice lunch and now some jackass is mad because I dare to do what I want while I'm eating (at a 4-top, which had plenty of room to just put down the food and leave me to my stupid newspaper).

Then he went over and turned on Fox news LOUD despite that Sinatra was also playing loudly. I stuck my fingers in my ears and kept reading. Do you know how hard it is to eat pizza with your fingers stuck in your ears?

Anyway, Fox News was the final straw that convinced me to never go back. It should never be played at mealtimes. In fact, that channel should come with a warning: may induce nausea and vomiting.


Twenty Four At Heart said...

I can't stand Fox News. It's kind of a "hot button" for me. (In other words, don't even get me started ....!)

Peeved Michelle said...

Did you know your RSS feed is truncated and does not include pictures?

Suebob said...

Thanks, Michelle. Should be fixed.

alienbody said...

Butternut squash with crispy sage is food that makes all my parts quiver. My son, who isn't a fan of the squash, will walk by and pick at the fried sage (fried in BUTTAH, of course) until it is all gone...leaving me with only an itty bit of it for my roasted squash. Hey, it's green...it's got to be healthy, right?

Jill from Mom It Forward said...

This looks delicious. Another reason why I like fall.