Sunday, July 17, 2005

Crispy Crispy Parmesan Lavosh Crackers

This depends on whether you can find fresh lavosh. Or lavash. Or lahvash. Armenian Bread. Whatever.

Just don't buy the Ak-Mak crackers in the box - you have to find a source for the fresh-baked kind.

I wanted parmesan crisps for my party but didn't want to pay $3.99 for 8-10 of the parmesan baguette things at Whole Foods. I am, above all, cheap.

This was my solution. Lavosh runs about $1.19 for three or four huge pieces where I am. I made enough crackers for 15 people with most of one package.

Crispy Crispy Parmesan Lavosh Crackers
One package of fresh lavosh
One half-cup egg whites (I used the pasteurized kind in the carton)
1/2 lb freshly grated parmesan

Brush the lavosh with the egg whites, one sheet at a time. Sprinkle with grated parmesan. Put under broiler just until cheese is light brown and before the whole thing has caught on fire (things happen!)

When cool enough to handle, break into lovely random cracker sized pieces.

I also made some sprinkled with sesame seeds and poppy seeds with a little salt and pepper. They were good, but people were picking through the basket to find the cheese ones.

The crackers will be thin and exquisitely crispy.


the serrach said...

snackish person,

i was just in sydney and had something that i'd love to recreate. it was in a turkish joint, one of the dips they served was very spicy and really good. it was orange-ish in color but was not the carrot dip. any idea?

Suebob said...

Maybe it was hot ajvar? It is made of roasted red peppers, eggplant, carrots and other stuff. I posted about ajvar earlier:

It is delicious!

the serrach said...

thanks, i bet that's it.