Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Good Korean cooking

I knew Cecelia Hae-Jin Lee was a cool person because we are in WriteGirl together.

I also knew she had published a cookbook because the LA Times ran a rave review of it.

I didn't know what a good writer she was, though.

I picked up her book, Eating Korean at the library. I flipped it open there in the aisle and started reading.

Not only is it a cookbook, but it also has personal stories from Cecelia's life, some of which are incredibly sweet and touching and sad. I was crying within 2 minutes.

Check it out.


Reid said...

Hi Suebob,

I have to tell you that I just got that cookbook in the mail today. I'm really looking forward to learning a few things about Korean cooking, especially since I love the food so much!

Suebob said...

Hey Reid,

When you come back to CA, come to SoCal and I'll see if we can get together with Cecelia and hit the Korean hot spots.

megret7 said...

I've tagged you for a "Cook Next Door" meme. Hope you don't mind sharing! Check out my blog for details and the questions.
- megret :)

sarah said...

ah, yay! a korean cookbook! i need to check this one out!