Monday, February 25, 2013

Cooking With Mollie #8: Beets with Tart Pink Grapefruit Glaze


I have to admit when I saw Mollie Katzen's recipe for Beets with a Tart Pink Grapefruit Glaze, my heart sank a bit. (The recipe in "The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without" is just for beets - the one online is for beets and carrots.)


When I was a kid, my mom made a monstrosity called "Harvard Beets." Hot beets coated in a thick, sweet, orange goo, and this sounded all too similar.

I think she either liked it because my mom has the culinary equivalent of a tin ear, or because she thought she was classing up the joint by serving us something from Harvard. Maybe both.

Mollie's is a better version, though. The Pink Grapefruit gives it a nice zinginess and the small amount of maple syrup leaves it far less sweet than our 1960s Americana version.


You can consult Mollie's recipe online, but here are my notes:

  • One large grapefruit yielded exactly one cup of juice
  • You don't have to roast the beets - I steamed mine and they were fine, though roasted beets are terribly good
  • This is pretty good. A nice zippy flavor. I still like plain beets better, but I'm a beet lover from way back. This recipe may appeal to some people who want to mask the flavor of beets somewhat
  • I'll bet this would be gorgeous with Chiogga beets, the ones that are pink and white striped.

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