Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Messermeister Serrated Swivel Peeler

You need this.

I don't go on much about kitchen tools. My feeling is that you really ought to be able to get by with about 3 pans and 2 knives and everything else is pretty much optional.

Everyone always wants to buy the expensive Japanese or German knife they see the hot young chef using, when the truth is the hot young chef uses some Global or F. Dick brand knife at work and only pulls out the Henkels on the TV show because it is a product placement, just like Tiger Woods and his golf clubs.

That being said, this is such a handy little gadget that even a clumsy dolt like me can peel anything with it -- even bell peppers. Yep, bell peppers.

I used it tonight to make a Marcella Hazan recipe that called for peeling a yellow bell pepper and it took me about 3 minutes. With a regular knife it would have taken six hours, because a trip to the emergency room would have been involved, since I no doubt would have filleted some body part along the way.

Messermeister Swivel Peeler

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