Monday, March 07, 2005

A Whole New World of Horror Awaits

Bert Christensen's website will make you wonder why people hate food so much that they have to do these horrible things to it.

Anyone who makes Kitty Litter Cake should be slapped, hard.

What were they thinking? "Hm, you know what would be REALLY nice? A cake that looks like a poopy litterbox!" It makes the cake that looks like worm-filled dirt seem positively genteel by comparison.

Bert Christensen's Weird Recipes

And then there is my all-time favorite cake, which is horrible in its own way. In honor of Ms. Martha's recent release, here is her most anal of creations, the spring garden cake. (The link apparently won't take you right to the recipe, but if you type "spring garden cake" in the search box on the page the link takes you to, you will get to see it).

When you have a spare dozen hours or so, you can attempt to make Martha's cake. But keep in mind that it will never, ever, come out as nice as hers. That isn't allowed.


Anonymous said...

I've made that cake for a baby shower and it wasn't that hard. It was a huge hit (I put tiny plastic babies in the cabbages, either cute or sick-making, depending on your POV). Of course, my husband's a chef, and his skills have somehow transferred.

Suebob said...

You are a better woman than I!

You made even the little fence? How long did it take? I am dying to know.