Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Chateau Haut-Florin Bordeaux Rose

I got started on Wine Blogging Wednesday a little early. The theme this month is Roses, and I couldn't resist.

Roses (I have a Mac and the accents don't translate, sorry) speak of spring, with their beautiful pink color. With a glass of rose in my hand, I just want to be outdoors in the warm sun, having a picnic on the grass.

I found this Chateau Haut-Florin Bordeaux Rose in the Whole Foods wine fridge among about 5 other roses. I think it was $9.99.

It has a nose with more straw than fruit. Tasting, it first hits with a hint of strawberry, then a blast of kiwi fruit. Altogether enjoyable.


Evil Fruit Lord said...

By the way, I have a Mac too, and my accents come out just fine in my blog.

Suebob said...

Hey Philip,

Well they looked okay on MY computer, but when I looked on the PC upstairs, they were ALL wack.

Evil Fruit Lord said...

Hmm. Probably means all the Fruit Blog accents look like a mess on half the PCs out there. They looked fine on the ones I use at work.

Suebob said...

They look weird on one of my work Macs too. I just went through and tried to eliminate them all, which is tough, because I am so used to typing WITH accents that it is a hard habit to break.