Saturday, May 28, 2005

Good bye low-carb diet

Of course I am lying about being on a low-carb diet. I would NEVER, both because I think it is a bunch of idiocy and because I am a carb-addicted vegetarian. A typical meal can be a bean burrito with a side of sweet corn and some carrots with a piece of fruit for dessert...bring on the carbs!

After about a year of holding myself back, I finally went into Sarai Panaderia at the corner of TO Blvd and Conejo School Road yesterday for some Mexican, Central or maybe South American pastries (I will ask next time I go in, maybe later today).

It was even better than I expected. They have lovely crumbly sweet empanadas in flavors from guayaba (guava) to cajeta to fresa (strawberry), the usual assortment of pan dulces and other pastries.

The two I bought, a cajeta empanada and a long, thin sugar covered cream filled pastry were both very sweet, especially the runny brown cajeta, and I ate them both before I remembered I had been meaning to take one back and share it with someone in my office...

The price? 50 cents apiece. That, my friends, is a deal.

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