Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm not that bright

In my years of owning a rice steamer, I have been doing one thing with it: making rice. Then I use leftover rice to make vegetable fried rice, adding every veg I find in the refrigerator, eggs, ginger, soy sauce, herbs.

Last night I finally got the genius idea of just putting veg in the steamer with the rice. I used frozen peas, canned corn, frozen bell peppers, a handful of cumin seeds and some panir cubes - frozen Indian cheese.

The veg and cheese floated to the top and a nice crust formed on the bottom. Delicious!


sarah said...

Korean people do very weird things with their rice cookers. One of my friend's mothers puts tomato sauce, tomatoes, cut vegetables (like you) diced up SPAM *gag* in with the rice then lets it all steam. When it's done, she puts shredded mozzarella on top, closes the lid to let it melt, then serves PIZZA BAHP ("bahp" means cooked rice in Korean).

candice said...

Yum! Look delicious. I've never cooked them together, but it seems like it works well. Good to know.

Suebob said...

Hi Sarah,

That is hilarious! And thanks for telling me what bahp means - it makes bibim bahp make sense.

Candice - sometimes you just gotta go with whats in the fridge :)