Monday, May 09, 2005

Cheese of the Week - Mimolette

I love this pretty orange French cheese called Mimolette! It is such a deep orange that it almost doesn't look like cheese. It comes in a really hard wax coating. The cheese itself is pretty hard, especially near the rind.

It is dense and tastes like the most perfect cheddar I have ever had. Not too sharp, not too mild, smooth, with a great nutty flavor.

Here is more information than you probably ever wanted to know about Mimolette.


Jennifer said...

Oh, oh, oh! Thanks for the wonderful post this morning.

Mimolette is my absolute favorite cheese. I can easily eat 1/2 pound in one sitting. (Isn't that gross?)

Try dipping it in dark chocolate. The flavor is outrageous!

candice said...

i think i'll try it! between your post and jennifer's comment, i'm convinced.