Monday, May 16, 2005

Not roasted garlic

I got this idea from Angeli Caffe in Los Angeles. That restaurant is owned by the wonderful Evan Kleiman, who hosts a Saturday morning radio show about food, "Good Food" that is so wonderful I suggest you tune in online and give it a listen.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. One of the appetizers we ordered was roasted garlic, and it didn't come out in the usual form of a head of garlic that you have to messily squish the cloves out of.

It was individual cloves in a little dish of oil, so they were easy to fish out and smoosh on the bread.

Yesterday I was thinking about making some roasted garlic and flashed back to Angeli Caffe.

I thought, "Wow! I could roast the individual cloves in a whole lot of oil!" Then I thought "Hey, it's 87 degrees, why don't I do it on the stovetop?"

I heated up some vegetable oil and threw in a bunch of garlic cloves. Slowly simmered them for 40 minutes or so. Voila. Wonderful soft, easy to handle cloves of oily, "roasted" garlic.


candice said...


candice said...
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candice said...

i posted the above comment twice! oops!

Rachael said...

For something so basic, that sounds SO delicious, and the picture is REALLY cool! Thanks!

the serrach said...

great idea, thanks.

.. i took it one step further, using slightly more oil..almost covering the garlics. i then used the garlic oil for a nice vinaigrette. i'm bad with describing the amounts.. so eyeball it..

2.5 parts garlic oil
1 part maple syrup
1 part balsamic vinegar
couple teaspoons of whole grain mustard.