Sunday, May 29, 2005

My newest blog

Ever since I spent 3 weeks in Oaxaca last summer, I have been wanting to print my journal and photos, and I just couldn't figure a good, economical way to do it.

Duh! Yesterday it finally occurred to me: Who needs paper? Publish a blog!

So I chopped my word document up into chronological chunks, uploaded a zillion photos to (which, due to my techno-incompetence took longer than it should have) and about 10 hours of screen time later, here it is:

My Oaxaca Journal.

It is quite long and quite detailed. If you have a lot of patience and a masochistic streak, you can read all of it. Otherwise, read part of it or just look at the pretty pictures. There are more photos later in the blog than earlier.


Evil Fruit Lord said...

Love the new blog. It had me poking around for flights to Oaxaca in minutes.

Xericx said...

That is so awesome....I am so going to Oaxaca....

Suebob said...

Holy cats! Maybe I should start a career as a travel agent!