Sunday, April 03, 2005

Angeli Caffe, Los Angeles

Here's the problem: I am a culinary adventurer who loves to try new things. I am partnered with a Capricorn who would go to Jerry's Deli every time we go out if he had his way. So we compromise. I choke down Jerry's every once in a while, (why does everyt dish on their thousand-item menu taste EXACTLY the same?) ignoring the food while enjoying the large comfy booths, and he indulges my forays into weirdness for the occasional gem I uncover.

After 3 years of going to Louise's Trattoria he finally consented to go to Angeli Caffe on Melrose. I had been wanting to go there for ages and now wonder why I waited so long.

The food was soooo good, and it has the added feature of being right across the street from the Groundlings improv comedy theater where many fine comedic actors like Mike Myers, Lisa Kudrow, Pee-Wee Herman and Phil Hartman got their start.

I didn't take photos. I still have a hard time with taking photos of my food in a public place. I love to look at others' photos of restaurant meals, so I suppose I should get over my reticence.

What we ate:
A perfectly thin-crusted pizza margherita
Minestrone (Jim & Greg)
A nice arugula salad with oil-cured black olives (Me)
Penne with sausage (Greg)
Risotto with clams (Jim)
Feather-light sundried tomato gnocchi (Me) - they were so gravity-defying they practically floated an inch off the plate.
Spinach and Broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic (all of us)

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sarah said...

take pictures! don't be shy! i do it all the time ;)