Sunday, April 10, 2005

Parmesan with whole peppercorns

Originally uploaded by suebobdavis.
Greg wanted to throw this out. He was mad that I had left moldy cheese in the fridge for so long. That's not mold spots - those are delicious spicy whole peppercorns.


Le Garcon. said...

sounds delicious, i'd like to find me some of that.

Anonymous said...

Suebob, I see your parmesean and raise you one Cojito cheese nibble that is the best fat fried snack...ever.You must contact us for the secret recipe,love David and Carrie

Sigrid said...

Hi there!!
I was just wondering: are you sure it's Parmesan?? Cause here in Italy this kind of peppered cheese is called 'Pecorino pepato', and pecorino is cheese made with sheep milk,... While you'll fing no Parmigiano other than 'natural' (without anything in it).

Suebob said...

Hm. I don't have the label anymore. I will go check at Trader Joes.