Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sicilian Red - Nero d'Avola

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In a bit of a rush for Wine Blogging Wednesday hosted by Ronald of Love Sicily, I picked up this Nobili di Trinacria Nero d'Avola at Whole Foods Market.

Other bloggers have mentioned that they could "only" find Nero d'Avola and were disappointed that they couldn't branch out more in tasting Sicilian wines. I had never tasted a Sicilian wine before that I remembered, so it was all new to me. Had never heard of Nero d'Avola and had no idea it was a common varietal. WBW is a good opportunity to get out of my West Coast Pinot Noir rut (yes, I was drinking pinot before, long before Sideways, she said in her best wine-snob voice).

Whole Foods only had 2 Sicilian reds, and I flipped a coin and bought this one.

At first taste, it is both tannic and tastes high-alcohol (the label says it is 13% alcohol.)

After a few more minutes out of the bottle, it started to mellow a bit.

It isn't terribly fruit-forward but has cherry and currant flavors with a little clove and cinnamon. A weeknight dinner wine with red-sauce pasta or red meats. It is about what you can expect from a basic $8.99 bottle of wine. The Suebob Spectator rates it a 76.

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