Friday, April 29, 2005

Cheese of the Week - Goat Cheese Swiss

I skipped the Cheese of the Week last week because it was so good that I ate it before I got a photo of it. (Gosh, I have no idea why I can't lose weight!) Oops. It was a buttermilk blue from Whole Foods and I am not sure who made it. It was de-flipping-licious though - tangy and not too rich (for blue cheese) and just the best.

The photo is of a Goat Swiss, or so Trader Joe's calls it, because it does have tiny tiny holes, some liquid-filled. Is that a bad thing in cheese?

It is extremely goaty, which is good if you are me and bad if you are Mr. Snackish. It tastes like a traditional Swiss not at all. If there is any of that nuttiness in there, the goat comes in and butts it right out (sorry, couldn't resist).

It is very, very white, like goat milk, and doesn't have a strong aroma. I combined it with some roasted portobello mushroom and red pepper sauce on a pita for a strongly-flavored sandwich that I liked a lot.

It is a Trader Joe's house label. Made in Wisconsin.

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